Family Matters

246 c

Not…. The Family

So, we’re getting to meet more of Jack’s family now. It’s generally a sign that the people behind the camera are running out of ideas when we have to be burdened with various bloodties of the main characters to string out the stories a little and add a little more angst to proceedings… as if thwarting conspiracies, overthrowing presidents and preventing global catastophes wasn’t enough to contend with.  Anyway, here we are, six hours in to day six and we’re re-introduced to the guy who used to play Doctor Romano (who was seen as one of the folks behind day five’s biological weapons attacks) and he is now revealed as Jack’s shorter, balder brother, Graem (spelt oddly and pronounced ‘gram’).  As if that wasn’t enough their dad turns up as well and they don’t even have the decency to cast Donald Sutherland.  Still mustn’t grumble, James  Cromwell is a fair alternative and, given they blew up an A-bomb in Los Angeles last week, it’s a bit rich to wish for more of the same of that calibre every week.

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