T.V. Week In Review: 2007, Week 4

Top Gear c

Car Crash TV (headline shamelessly stolen from Radio Times)

A week in which the paucity of my viewing from Monday to Saturday was more than made up for in a Sunday marathon of shows that culminated in a nuclear device being exploded in Los Angeles… and I thought I was going to have nothing to write about. The fourth week of 2007 saw me enjoy (for want of a better word) a couple of cup ties in the football and catch up with some old stuff that has been sitting idle for a while (This Life +10 and a couple of documentaries, Storyville: Blog Wars and Parallel Worlds: A User’s Guide). Suddenly though, I found myself with three shows scoring 9/10 or more in my TV obsessed head. BSG came up trumps with “Exodus: Part 2”, Richard Hammond’s crash on Top Gear was hard to watch but hugely uplifting, and then came the conclusion to the 4th episode of 24. Jack killed Curtis for crying out loud, and if that wasn’t enough the aforementioned big bang was one of this great series’ greatest moments. But you all want to know who wins the “Show Of The Week” don’t you? Well, by a whisker it’s the Hamster’s return in Top Gear.

  • Sun 28th Jan: Commander In Chief “The Elephant In The Room” (7/10); Storyville: Blog Wars (political blogging in the USA… 5/10); Waking The Dead “The Fall: Part 1” (8/10); Top Gear (The One With The Crash… 9/10); 24 “8:00am to 9:00am” (6/10) and “9:00am to 10:00am” (9.5/10)
  • Sat 27th Jan: This Life +10 (7/10); Football Man Utd vs Portsmouth, FA Cup, 4th round… 2-1
  • Fri 26th Jan: Battlestar Galactica “Exodus: Part 2” (9/10)
  • Thu 25th Jan: No TV
  • Wed 24th Jan: Football Spurs vs Arsenal, Carling Cup, Semi-Final, Frist Leg… 2-2
  • Tue 23rd Jan: Parallel Worlds: A User’s Guide (BBC4 documentary on sci-fi…. 6/10); Doctor Who “The Age Of Steel” (7/10)
  • Mon 22nd Jan: ER “Somebody To Love” (6/10)
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