It's All Gone Mushroom Shaped

246 e

Whoops, Apocalypse!

Okay, so Stephen Merchant isn’t playing any further role in 24… much to my disappointment. It was only a cameo after all. However, it’s still worth tuning in to the adventures of Jack and his ticking clock, if it’s OTT death and destruction that floats your boat.  It was another double-header week on SkyOne as they tried to catch up with the US broadcasts to encourage folk to stop downloading it with their current favourite BitTorrent supplier.  Hour three (8:00am to 9:00am) was a reasonable episode with a little too much in the way of positioning the chess pieces and holding intense phone conversations and a little too little in the way of the twists and turns we’ve come to know and go slack-jawed at.  Also,  I was still finding it very hard to care about Ahmed in the suburbs as he held his neighbours hostage.

However, what was lacking before 9am was soon forgotten on seeing the following hour develop.  Curtis’s troubling reaction to working with Assad was finaly explained and he proceded to get all unprofessional with the former terrorist (the HR team at CTU really need to work harder on their recruitment policies… does no-one in CTU ever obey a simple order?).  Unfortunately, Curtis’s unprofessionalism was soon costing him dear as Jack shot him in the neck and then headed off for a nervous breakdown.  Elsewhere, Fayed’s gang finally got both their little electronic gizmo and their nuclear weapons expert in to the hanger at the same time to prime the nuclear bomb in the suitcase… but never fear, CTU would be on the case (so to speak!) and, of course, stop the bomb going off in the nick o’ time…… ooops, KABLOOOOIE! (as they used to say in Calvin & Hobbes).  Well. I for one never would have predicted a mushroom cloud over Los Angeles by the end of episode 4.  So, where will the next 20 hours take us.

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