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Retrospective Review #5 of 5

This Life +10 has been sat on the “to-do” list for about 4 weeks since its debut on the 2nd January. I’m not very good at avoiding spoilers, so I found myself reading the reviews before I had actually seen the show and, unfortunately, in this case it got a general panning from most people, hence the fact that it had gone so long unwatched. Struggling for space on the hard drive yesterday afternoon, I decided to give it a 10-minute test (*) before deletion and I was surprised to find that it passed, albeit not with flying colours but at least well enough to encourage me to watch the whole thing. Milly and Egg (along with their young son) were racing to a funeral, “F**k, we’re late!” was Egg’s, completely in-character, opening line and I was hooked…. taken straight back to the mid/late nineties, of New Labour ideologies and the backlash against Thatcherism, when we first met these friends.

The story seemed to be overly self-referential as it was structured around a clumsily forced reunion at Miles’ country mansion in order to make a documentary about Egg (now a successful writer). Of course, this allowed for much in the way of post-modern quips and collective naval gazing that probably went some way to encouraging those poor reviews. However, regardless of all this baggage, it was an interesting snapshot into what had become of the lives we got so caught up in ten years ago. Also, it answered many of the questions that were left hanging when the third series was never commissioned, Miles and Anna finally reached understanding, Warren began to accept his lot and Egg and Milly’s marriage got a healthy injection of reality.

Production wise it looked great, all the signature camerawork that was there, the performances had that understated natural feel (even Jack Davenport who has moved on to far more over-the-top roles on TV in Coupling and in the movies in the Pirates Of The Caribbean trilogy) and the direction was snappy.  I’m really not sure what all the negativity was about.  (* = The 10-minute test is a simple process that the Other Viewer and I employ for trialling whether a show is worth watching or not. Watch the first ten minutes, pause the playback, discuss whether there are any compelling reasons not to delete it.)

    • fazzinchi
    • January 30th, 2007

    Hi Ian – welcome to the blog (!). Wasn’t ot “Rachel” who had the barney with Milly? …. and I actually quite enjoyed Miles’ comedy hair. 🙂

    • Ian
    • January 29th, 2007

    I watched it the day after it aired and thought it was bloody good! The only thing I was left wondering was; what happened to the manipulative blonde tart from the law office whose name escapes me that was keeping Milli on her toes…..?

    Oh yeah, Warren and Miles should have been arrested by the fashion police for crimes against hairdressing…

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