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BSG3 d

Come In Number Six

The second part of “Exodus” (the fourth installment of series 3 in the new Battlestar Galactica) saw the end of the occupation of New Caprica… the clue was in the title I guess, and there was plenty more intrigue as the last remnants of humanity continued to battle against their oppressors.  The Baltar storyline is wonderfully underplayed (by Jamie Callis) as his initial self-absorbed personality has been manipulated and coerced by the cylons to the extent that he was seen here begging Lt. Gaeta to kill him.  Having said that one gets the feeling that his descent is only set to continue further.  Alongside all the fantastic special effects (and did you see the sublime space battle and unfeasably cool shot of the Galactica plummeting through the atmosphere?), it is this kind of attention to detail on the character development arcs that helps make this such compelling viewing.  Even the Cylons themselves are now developing complex, multi-facetted personalities and that helps to change the dynamic of the whole show from a simple tale of good versus evil into a subtle “novel” where nothing is taken for granted and everyone is as fallable as everyone else.

To illustrate, Saul Tigh, looking for all the world like Uncle Albert, went through an entire scene (during which he poisoned his Lady Macbeth-esque wife, Ellen because of her previous betrayal) without saying a single word and conveying all the emotion through his single eye.  Forget Sci-Fi, this is drama in its purest form.  This is the show that Babylon 5 would have been if it had been created 10 years later.  In B5’s case it seemed to be the studios interfering too much along with commissioning problems that resulted in on-screen stories that lacked any kind emotional hook for the viewer.  I just hope that BSG doesn’t follow that show’s much publicised decline because this one of the greatest things on TV.

    • Emma
    • January 29th, 2007

    I totally agree with everything you’ve said. This is a fantastic show, probably the best thing I’ve ever watched on TV. Fantastic storylines, great acting, edge of the seat stuff. Top marks all round.

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