A Little Bit Of Politics

State Within4

Retrospective Review #2 of 5

Still catching up on some ‘older’ reviews that I have been meaning to get around to for quite some time and while the previous entry for The Thick Of It showed us one kind of political storytelling, The State Within showed us the other end of the spectrum. It was a great show in the modern style of 24, lots of different strands and plot threads kept the viewer puzzling over the overall story, to the extent that, at times, it was quite difficult to keep up with it all. The story of the Brit on death row, Luke Gardner (played superbly by Lennie James), was probably my favourite aspect in the early stages while the political shenanigans up in Washington DC following the plane crash were a little stale. However, once we got to the second and third episodes the pace and storytelling moved to another gear. Star of the show and British Ambassador, Mark Brydon along with Head of External Affairs, the wonderfully monikered Nicholas Brocklehurst got most of the screen time and were compelling throughout, thanks in no small part to actors Jason Isaacs and Ben Daniels and, of course, Sharon Gless as Lynn Warner, also shone. Production values were really high as we’ve come to expect and at times you could easily be mistaken into thinking you were watching a movie. I’m sure there’s plenty of opportunity for another series and I’d be happy to find out more about the Brits Abroad.

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