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Retrospective Review #1 of 5

I’ve never watched The Thick Of It before and so this seasonal special was my first introduction to the murky world of these spin doctors and politicos. I caught a few minutes of the repeat viewing while channel hopping last night, so thought now was as good a time as any to post a review. The programme had very strong echoes of The Office, with its faux documentary style and handicam work but perhaps better comparissons would be drawn with Yes, Minister, which told a quite similar story but in a 20-year old style (though I am sure Sir Humphrey would still wield his weight in these 21st century corridors of power). I was surprised to learn that there had only been two series of three episodes apiece prior to this special so perhaps it will not be too hard for me to track down the stuff that I have missed… notably, Chris Langham‘s performance. It has been said that his absence from the special (due to his much publicised personal problems) has meant that this show lacked any character with whom the viewer could sympathise. Perhaps though, it is the general unpleasantness on display from everyone that really strikes a cord, along with a realisation of exactly how much influence and power that the “press secretaries” and their hordes exert.
I am quite looking forward to the recently announced US remake of the programme that could really undermine the gloss and slickness that The West Wing and Commander In Chief have painted of the machinations of the US administration: I have a feeling it will not be one of George W’s favourite shows when it gets to see the light of day. The only regret is that we don’t have a British political drama for similar comparisson.

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