Feels Just Like I'm Walking On Broken Glass


Christmas Review #9 of 12
I am currently reading Derren Brown‘s book, “Tricks Of The Mind” and it is a fiendishly clever and entertaining read throughout, so I was really looking forward to the televised stage show of Something Wicked This Way Comes… and it didn’t dissappoint.  The book has a tagline, from The Guardian’s TV critic and host of the  brilliant Screenwipe, Charlie Brooker that pretty much sums up my feelings about Derren Brown’s art, “Clearly the best dinner party guest in history – he’s either a balls out con artist or the scariest man in Britain”.  The brilliance of the performance is that after the final, for want of a better word “trick”, he played a video of snippets of show that had just finshed that demonstrated exactly how he pulled off the stunt.  Essentially, he filled the evening with subliminal hints that subconsciously forced the audience into an “inevitable” series of decisions that on the surface appeared totally random and based on nothing but free will.  I’m not exactly sure whether his explanations are 100% forthright but at least he is honest and open enough to say that the whole routine is an act of showmanship. However it was done, it remains compelling and mind-blowing TV.

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