Tell Me No Lies

Big fat quiz

Christmas Review #6 of 12

The Big Fat Quiz of The Year is now in it’s third (?) year and the 2006 installment was genius.  Jimmy Carr and Jonathan Ross together have something of a monopoly on the light entertainment merry-go-round so it was no surprise to see them in action, David Walliams and Rob Brydon are no strangers to it either and Cat Deely… was also there.  However, it was the pairing of Mighty Boosh’s Noel Fielding and rising star/national hate figure* (* delete as applicable), Russell Brand, that proved to be the inspired choice of the evening.  They started off proceedings without a care in the word and soon decided to simply take the mickey out of everything instead of trying to answer any questions, and suddenly there began a surreal stream of comdy consciousness from the two of them that was laugh out loud funny for the duration of the show.  For example….

Jimmy Carr asks a question about the Fair Pack savings scheme
Russell: “It was a brand of butter. It had a man on it what could play the trumpet.”
Noel: “Was it a real man? Or was he made of butter?”
Russell: “He was a bit of both, Noel, and that’s what made him so beautiful”

Well, I guess you had to be there.  Anyway, for what it’s worth, be sure to tune in next year if you get back from the pub after a Christmas celebration and find yourself a little bit over the limit and not wanting to go straight to bed.  Although, if you can’t wait, there’s more of RB on CBBBM later on!

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