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Christmas Review #3 of 12

Standing on a beach in Wales, apparently disguised to look like a beach in Noway, we last saw Rose bidding a tearful farewell to the Doctor in one of the TV highlights of 2006.  Actress Billie Piper has since indicated, if reports are to be believed, that she sort of regrets not staying on the show and is quite jealous of Freema Agyeman who is going to try and fill her shoes in series three of Doctor Who in the spring.  (The countdown starts here!).  I am sure much of this “regret” is just professional respect for the cast and crew on the BBC flagship show, as her performance in the (hopefully not) one-off, Phillip Pullman drama, The Ruby In The Smoke, sparkled like the eponymous jewell and she seems to be begining to deliver on the promise that was so evidently on display as Rose.  Leaving on a high is so much better than outstaying your welcome.

The drama itself was vintage Pullman: a complex story slowly and cleverly unfolding with a wealth of well-rounded characters to intrigue and delight the viewer looking for some serious couch time in the run up to New Year.  I am sure this first day back at work after the holidays has seen Mr Pullman’s inbox inundated with requests from TV execs looking to get the rights to some of his other work (and is there any news on the His Dark Materials movie?).  However, just as good, if not better, than Ms Piper was the wonderful Julie Walters who put in a spectacular and show-stealing performance as the baddie, Mrs Holland who I really hope we see again if she made it out of the river.  [Edit: The guys over at TV Scoop, appear to know that The Shadow in The North, will be the next installment produced and it’s coming later this year 🙂 ]

    • fazzinchi
    • January 3rd, 2007

    Ms Piper as the Doctor, that could be very cool. I betcha Billie would come back as Rose if they make the movie version, too!

  1. The first female Doctor in yrs to come I mean’t. ;] ;]

  2. Awwwww, I know about that, and speaking of The Ruby in the Smoke…… it’s not a one of, hehe, I have the book, with The Shadow in the North that will follow starring herself as yep Sally Lockhart (I know what your thinking people…… it doesn’t mean it will be on T.v.) But I am sure I heard something, and I have forgotten where I heard it but a couple of days go I heard she will be starring in The Shadow in the North, mind you, I could of been imagining it and then made myself think I heard it, I think my mind goes that way, dunno, but sure I did hear it if I do again I will let you know or if not on here, I will post it on another comment site about Billie. ;] ;].

    And I jsut wanna say I feel really upset for Billie being a massive fan of her, but I am totally sure if she wanted to go back into play the assitant, she can. I did hear though quite a few things and I am getting muddled by them now though, hehe, but I did hear that Billie quit so that she can come back and play the first female Doctor. ;] ;]

    x x Jane C. x x

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