Worst Christmas?

Worst Xmas

Christmas Review #1 of 12

The week leading up to Christmas for me was one of last minute shopping, going out too much and generally breathing a big sigh of relief that work was all over.  However, the evenings provided an opportunity to tune in to three more episodes in the madcap life of Howard Steele.  Following on from his previous Worst Week Of My Life outings (that lead up to his wedding and then to the birth of his first child), it was another slapstick outing of idiocy and misadventure in the week before Christmas.   This is a comedy series that harks back to the likes of Eric Sykes’s The Plank, some of those old Harold Lloyd and Charlie Chaplin films as well as some fine traditions of the Britcoms of yesteryear, i.e. before the times when terms like “Britcom” were used.  The result of this nostalgic style is that, on the surface, it seems sit uncomfortably against other shows of the day, a square peg in a round hole as it were.  Thankfully, it does have an edge to it that brings a kind of contemporary relevance: it is modern life that plays the bad guy and the characters react against it.  The self-imposed suffering wrought upon the lead character (beautifully and disparingly portrayed by Ben Miller) leads me to think back to Michael Crawford’s heyday, which is no mean comparisson, and even though the impending disasters are blatantly signposted, it is their inevitability rather than their surprise that generates the enjoyment.  It is neither high-brow or low-brow, it is not challenging or particularly realistic and it is not even original but it does provides a health dose of escapism and a realisation that no matter how many of life’s little catastrophes befall us, it’s never as bad as it might have been.  Surely, it’s only a matter of time before “The Worst Holiday Of My Life”.

  1. It’s a total rip-off of Meet The Parents but it’s the best new BBC comedy in ages and was one of the few watchable things on over Christmas. It’s a shame that the BBC don’t seem to want to actually promote it.

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