Wheelin & Dealin

Deal or no Deal

Who’s Gonna Win It?

The excitement is ramping up in the knowledge that the first quarter-millionaire has already been crowned in Deal Or No Deal‘s Bristol studio, one wonders whether the contestant is already positioned in the West Wing or East Wing on our screens, unaware of their forthcoming infamy and fortune.  Back at the start of 2006, I wrote about this “little TV gem” that was hidden away in the schedules and, with rare accuracy, I predicted that it may develop quite a cult following, although I had no idea that I would be buying the interactive DVD in anticipation of some Chritsmas afternoon, sherry-fuelled gameplay.  The show, now in its second series is developing and remains as quietly addictive as ever… we have seen contestant walkouts, purely for comedy value of course.  We’ve seen the studio audience, sorry “The Pilgrims”, participate more and more.  There has been spousal interference (who’s gonna forget the boyfriend who convinced his other half better half to “deal” too early only resulting in her missing out on having £100,000 and £250,000 as the last two boxes?).  There are seasonal themed shows for Halloween, St Patricks, Christmas and any other they can think of.  Even the mysterious “Banker” has been known to change the rules for some contestents.  I guess that this can be viewed in one of two ways: (a) a show so confident in it’s format that the production team feel comfortable in messing about a bit, or (b) a show that’s running out of ideas pretty quickly.  Either way, you’d never see this on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and I guess that’s a good thing.  However, is it only me and the folks on Outpost Gallifrey who think that the contestants are getting more and more attractive (case in point and for the OG’ers reading, Joey, above)?  I guess this may not be so surprising following the revelations that Noel is not averse to dating the occasional female player.

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