Horror Show

Ashes 3

Didn’t It Look Good For a While?

The pain has eased. The emotions are back in check. I feel like I can talk about it at last. Time, they tell me, is a great healer but it will take much more time for the wounds of this debacle to fully heal, it may take years. England fought back against the Aussies in the second test in Adelaide. After the humbling performance at the Gabba, fighting back was all they could do and for four days it wasn’t going too badly at all… 551-6 declared and the hosts reduced to 74-3, Ponting balloons the ball to square leg and the safe hands of Giles beneath: surely this would be the moment the Aussies knew they had a fight on their hands. Alas, it was not to be, the ball was dropped, the tide turned and everyone expected a draw. Everyone except Ponting, Warne and the rest of their team of warriors (with the possible exception of Damien Martyn). Their fight, discipline, skill, dedication and belief on that final day was humbling. And no-one was more humbled than the limping, dispirited Flintoff… the latter, an adjective I never thought I’d use to describe him.

Post mortems and criticisms have followed, the press aghast at what they had witnessed, reacted in the only was they could and have left us in no uncertain terms, that the glory of the summer of 2005 was nothing more than a blip in the Australian dominance of the sport. In the immediate aftermath I vowed not to bother depriving myself of any more sleep, or watching any more Sky’s coverage (despite its undoubted quality and the money I have to pay every month for the priviledge). But it’s a great sport and these twists and turns are all part of the fascination. And given the recent history, who’s to say what could happen. The football team’s 5-1 victory over Germany, the rugby World Cup, and now the 2005 Ashes all seem so long ago: it’s not easy being English. However, despite the spineless batting, despite the negative tactics, despite the puzzling selections, despite everything there is always hope…. and 2:30am starts in Perth.

    • fazzinchi
    • December 16th, 2006

    And on the third day…. it sucked!

    • fazzinchi
    • December 15th, 2006

    Terrible second day at Perth…. other than Panesar and Harmison who have shone with both ball AND bat, and a little Peitersen cameo, it’s been wretched. Ever heard the expression “Poor Planning Produces P**s Poor Performance”?

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