Au Revoir, Not Goodbye

Spooks finale 3

Hermione… no, the other one… Looking Cool

The series finale of ever-wonderful Spooks, was a surprise package. First, we didn’t get an Al-Quaida inspired plot but instead an environmental one with a mysterious “Aftermath” document that sounded so frightening in its concept that I just pray it’s a piece of extreme writing in the heightened reality of this fictional world, rather than something based on reality. Second, despite ample opportunity, none of the key characters were killed off. I am especially pleased that Hermione Norris‘s character of Ros Myers has survived the cull, her frosty disposition and acerbic tongue have been a welcome relief because she contrasts noticably with the standard female leads of recent times. Adam survived too and I seriously hope he’s back for season six (hang on… I seriously hope there is a series six) because I think he has more of a journey to undertake as he tries to get over the loss of his wife. At the helm, of course, Harry remains one of the most watchable characters on TV. Also worthy of note and fresh from his villainous role in the latest one-off Cracker episode (I completely forgot to write about that, didn’t I? Suffice to say it was sublime stuff), Anthony Flanagan provided a great down-to-earth and quite believable bad guy. There always seems to be something missing from the schedules when Spooks ends: it is no different this year.

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