Here We Go Again


Masters Of All They Survey

Well, it’s back and everyone’s talking about it… again.  “I’m A Celebrity…” is becoming a stalwart of ITV’s schedules, back for a sixth outing and attracting big ratings for a Monday night (and massive ratings for ITV).  The reasons for the success of this show can be summed up in two words: “Ant” and “Dec”.  They clearly have such a great time hosting the trials and providing the links, their enthusiasm is infectious and can make the otherwise unwatchable ordeal of seeing various B-listers sitting around a wooded clearing and chatting a bit, seem somehow interesting.  Everyone else is doing it, so I’m jumping on the bandwagon and here are my two-word reviews of this years contestants.  Jason Donovan: likeably cool.  Lauren Booth: pleasantly unpleasant (hey… I didn’t say they’d make sense!).  Matt Willis: cheeky wallpaper.  Myleene Klass: lovely survivor.  Jan Leeming: soon forgotten.  Toby Anstis: class clown.  Scott Henshall: going nowhere.  Faith Brown: appropriately unstable.  Phina Oruche: eye candy.  David Gest: Possible genius.  I wish I didn’t enjoy it but I do.

  1. Couldn’t agree more! Though you are very kind “B” is about 24 letters too far forward in the alphabet for the list this lot are one! 🙂

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