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Back to Square One

Next Thursday sees the England Cricket team begin their defence of the Ashes against Australia, and with the fun, excitement and thrills of last summer’s amazing series still fresh in the mind, it’s all set to be great entertainment.  The tourists did not start out as well as hoped when they got thoroughly beaten in their opening match by a Prime Minister’s XI.  Oddly though, it was a 50-over match… quite who thought that it was a good idea to begin the preparations with a limited overs encounter, I do not know (especially considering the dreadful form England are enduring in the short form of the game).

However, last night’s conclusion to the 3 day game against New South Wales (oddly with no TV coverage) was much better with good performances from a number of England players.   The sting in the tail was the announcement that Marcus Trescothic has had to head home after a re-occurance of his stress-related illness, which may not be the worst news England have ever had because it actually seems to assist the selection process: Tres’s form has been so off of late that he may not have been selected anyway and Shah, Joyce or Key each now wait to see if he is called in as a replacement.  The biggest question of all remains… how am I going to get to watch my fair allocation of action when the games are all on in the middle of the night?  Very late nights and very early mornings are inevitable.

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