Ghost Machine

TW 3 b

Good guy, bad guy

We delved deeper into the psyche of Owen Harper (played with gusto by the quirky Burn “Yes Mister Tulkinghorn” Gorman) in this week’s Torchwood outing, “The Ghost Machine”.  His character has received a little bit of a battering on the forums of Outpost Gallifrey, after his Lynx-effect moment in the first episode, when he seduced a girl in a bar (and later her boyfriend), was parallelled with use of rohypnol and he was accused, somewhat unjustly in my humble opinion, of date-rape.  However, here in Helen Raynor’s engaging script, we see Owen confronted with the eponymous Ghost Machine that thrusts him into an all too real situation where he witnesses a murder from 30 or 40 years previously.  Hence, we were able to witness a more passionate and determined Owen that belies his superficial cheeky-chappie persona, but also a character who is all too willing to operate independently from the Torchwood rules.  Additionally, we got to see a few of the relationships begin to formulate that, as in any Russell T Davies inspired work, we know will go on to form the backbone of the drama.  May be they are not telling the most original of sci-fi stories yet, but that is no bad thing… it’s finding its feet, staying popular and has bags of potential.

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