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The conference season is well and truly upon us.  The LibDems passed us by with a barely footnote on the news last week but over the last few days I did manage to catch a bit of the Labour party get together in Manchester.  Now, say what you like about Tony Blair, and I’m sure you will, but he can give a bloody good speech when he wants to, and the juxtaposition of his final talk to conference as PM, next to Gordon Brown (the previous day) giving his last speech to conference as Chancellor must’ve left the assembled masses wondering just what they’d done by forcing Mr Blair out.  Admittedly the Brown speech was somewhat overshadowed by Cherie’s “Liar” jibe, which must count as the best example of “pot” and “kettle” arguing over “blackness” that I’ve read about for ages.  I was hoping for some shocking denoument to the PM’s speech, some kind of “…and so I quit!” message to drive the assembled media off to their collective laptops to ccompletly rewrite the next day’s headlines and give the party (un)faithful a parting shot worthy of a footnote in history, but instead, the beautifully paced valediction ended with a wierd sense of uncertainty.

The thing that gets to me about all this is the fact that it’s tucked away on the daytime schedules with barely anyone watching.  This stuff is important and would be beneficial for it to be seen by more of the populace, but instead we find prime-time occupied by the soaps and celebrity wife swap, and what news coverage there is gets distilled down to a few soundbites and the comments of those who should know better.  There’s an epidemic of voter apathy and a young population who don’t care about these real issues and policies, so why don’t we get regular State of the Nation addresses, and candidate debates shown where and when everyone can see them and particpate?  Television sets must sit in 99% of this county’s homes, why do they hardly ever get used sensibly to fulfill the “educate” and “inform” parts of its manifesto?  It’s the Tory’s up and, with them ahead in the polls, it will be interesting to see if you can spot the difference.

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