Bye Bye B.B.

Big Broth BB

“Do you remember the time?”

Now is the time of year when many people are summing up their collective recollections of the latest incarnation of Big Brother and beginning their reviews with the words “Big Brother 2006 will be remembered for…” and whether it be Pete’s Tourettes, Nikki’s tantrums, Richard’s Diary Room bitchiness, or even Endemol’s ongoing incompetence, all well and good… Big Brain, Little Brother, and Big Mouth have all provided adequate commentary on these enjoyable, Orwellian inspired antics. However, this is the time when my enjoyment of the show packs its bags and heads off on its summer holiday to be replaced by a despairing sense of frustration with the world. The 22 contestants have had their fifteen minutes and it’s been suitably fun to watch on, hurling abuse at the television, at Grace and at Russell Brand’s hair but now it’s over. In any normal society, the 22 of them would scuttle back to their respective homes and occasionally talk about their experiences to their friends over a pint. What we get though, is a bombardment of faces coming back to haunt us on magazine covers, at film premieres, in the press, and worst of all in more dreary “celebrity” TV shows. Now, I don’t blame the ex-BB’ers themselves, they’re just looking after number one and if some media type is willing pay good money for a chat or a photoshoot, why not? My problem is with us!! Why on earth do we care about these people, they have done their time, they’ve served their purpose and they should be moving on. Jade, Chantelle and, inevitably, Nikki will be haunting us for years but can someone please explain why any of us should be the slightest bit interested?

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