6 x 24

24 f

“I feel like the President of the USA. Mr Bad Guy, yes I’m everybody’s Mr Bad Guy”
The Other Viewer and I proudly have more 50% free on our Sky+ planner for the first time in months, but this is a good news/ bad news story. “Good” because it means we’ve blitzed our way through the final 6 episodes of 24 and are getting rid of that pesky backlog (one day I may even watch the rest of Jimmy McGovern’s The Street). “Bad” because my campaign to upgrade to the 160Gb system (or even HD) isn’t looking so compelling. Anyway, 24…. what a show! So long as you can keep buying into a concept that the most indestructable of heroes since Captain Scarlet, then there’s something genuinely appealing here. I confess that by the end of this fifth season it was starting to seem a little like we’d seen it all before but hey, I can watch great TV more than once, ya know. However, we did get a great cliffhanger that promises some newness when series 6 returns.

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