Deja Vu, All Over Again

world cup qf3

Quarter Finals day 2

We all worried about his foot and, when all was said and done, it was his head that should have been the subject of our concerns. Rooney saw red as another World Cup drifted away from England’s grasp in the cruelest of penalty shoot-outs (yet again). The accusations will be undoubtedly, and to a large part correctly, levelled at Sven and his choices of selection, substitutions and tactics but he has long since announced his departure. It came of more of a surprise to hear that his captain had handed back the armband for good. And so, as the Eriksson/Beckham era comes to an end we will begin to look at their legacy of 3 consecutive quarter-finals, we will look back at the 5-1 game in Munich and the Beckham free-kick against Greece and wonder how a team of this undoubted talent have failed to secure any silverware. Ah well, there’s always next time… it’s always next time. Elsewhere, France beat Brazil by a solitary Henry goal. It was apparently a great game but I was too despondant to watch.

    • fazzinchi
    • July 4th, 2006

    Thanks David!!
    I was inspired by the old “telesnaps” of black & white Doctor Who episodes when coming up with the idea.

  1. hi fazzinchi, David here (deedee26m from OG.. i really should change that username..)

    Well this blog looks good to me. Nice and clear (love the signature ‘logo’), and the DIY tellysnaps are unique and give this its own visual identity. Feels like we’re in the room watching the shows (and the big matches) there with you! 🙂

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