Suburban Scandal

Desperate 4

“Whose gonna drive you home, tonight?”

All the US imports seem to reach their respective climaxes at this time year, a few months after their original broadcasts over the pond. Following the aforementioned Prison Break, we also reached the end of the second series of Desperate Housewives. All the usual shenanigans of the residents of Wisteria Lane were ramped up to an even higher degree of far-fetched nonsense than we saw in the first series, but even so, the whole ensemble remained pleasantly watchable. Affairs, murders, fake murders, lies, deceit, illegitimate children and jealousy all litter this small town street in a way that Eastenders could barey imagine. Best of all was the cameo from Kyle MacLachlan as (wait for it) a psychopathic dentist (!) who seems destined to bring more trauma into the life of Bree van der Kamp. Her persona epitomises the show completely in the way the glossy, picture perfect veneer of the show hides a seedy and dark underbelly, and it is this most of all that continues to draw in viewers. How long can it last, is what most of us want to know.

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