Someone's Lookin' At You

BB7 Pete

“Don’t blame me but I’ve won already “

I’m sorry. Big Brother has been back on our screens for two weeks now and I have failed to mention anything about it at all. However, every time I think of something worth writing the dynamic in the house seems to change. Five people have already left the confines of the Boreham Wood studio… two have been evicted the public, two have evicted themselves and one was sort of, throw out: it’s been hard to keep up. A lot of people look down on reality shows like this and, if I’m honest, most of them have a point. It’s cheap, it’s nasty and there’s something deeply unfulfilling about watching it. I’d love to know the audience figures for the live streaming section but once you add in the complimentary shows (“Little Brother”, “Big Mouth”, Big Brain”, “Diary Room Uncut”, and Davina’s eviction show) you end up with a program that is on for 27 hours a day, this cannot be good for the health of any viewer. There is, of course, a flip side and that is it allows you to contemplate the life you live yourself. How would you react to Shabhaz? Is it right to talk about others behind their backs? How do I integrate myself into the various communities I live in? What are people’s first impressions of me? Anyone interested in people and relationships would find some talking points about the housemate’s antics. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

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