Football's Staying Home

World Cup Theo

“In Euro 96, I wasn’t allowed to stay up late and watch the football.”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you won’t have failed to notice that World Cup fever has begun in earnest. Cars and houses are adorned with St George Crosses, as the nation collectively braces itself for our two-yearly dose of heart-breaking discussions of what-might-have-been. This afternoon we saw the final warm-up game in anticipation of the main event of the summer… England 6-0 Jamaica may have flattered the hosts but it will be in good heart that “our boys” head over to Frankfurt. One month, 32 teams, 64 matches, and no hiding place for those who don’t appreciate the beautiful game. The talk so far has been of Rooney’s foot, Owen’s match fitness, Theo Walcott’s age and dancing like a robot, so who knows what we’ll be talking about by July 9th. Even my natural pessimism started to be swept along by yet more tales of ’66 that seem to pop up on almost every channel from day-to-day, and there’s a prize for anyone who spots an advert that doesn’t have a football theme to it. The BBC are almost certain to win the ratings war, and the confident presentation skills of Linekar et al will win the hearts and minds of housewives and fans alike. Just when the weather seems to be getting better, we can all stay indoors and watch the telly. Let the drama commence.

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