The Long Con Goes On


Hold on to your wallet

It’s great to see Hustle back on our screens for a third (?) series, although why it’s been shown on a Friday night is anyone’s guess.  Unusual scheduling aside, there is a familiarity here, which in no way has bred contempt.  Our five, intrepid grifters are back to rob the rich and pocket the money, not quite Robin Hood but you get the idea.  It is a quirky aspect of being a British television viewer that you can feel so comforatble and thoroughly enjoy the experience of being on the side of the bad guys and yet here we are, rooting for the conmen.  The first two episodes have seen the team attempt to play the long con on an East End villain, splendidly portrayed by Mel “where-have-you-been” Smith and almost certainly winning him a regular role on Eastenders should he wish it, and then set Micky and Danny against each other in a leadership contest.  If only all leadership contests were fought in the same way, it would have spiced up the recent LibDem and Tory party antics.  I’ve heard people say that the stories are becoming a little predictable but I find the trademark twists and turns as impossible to predict as ever.

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