Resistance Is Futile

Battlestar 5b

Chin Up

Okay, it’s about time we talked about Resistance, the fourth episode of the latest series of Battlestar Galactica. Again, this show just keeps on delivering and hats off to Ron Moore for creating a space opera juggernaut the like of which we haven’t seen before (Cast your vote: Ron Moore, or JM Stracksynski, or Russell T Davies). If that wasn’t enough, you just need to head off to the website to get deleted scenes and an audio commentary for your iPod. By the way, similar things are afoot for Doctor Who’s next series, which starts (almost certainly) on April 15th.

This time we hear the first whisperings of civil war as Apollo breaks President Roslin out of pokey much to the distress of his father who’s back on duty and on the edge of a breakdown. Tyrol and Sharon are re-united in the brig, with Tyrol now being under suspicion of being an undercover toaster (not as wierd as it sounds). Back on Caprica, Starbuck and Helo have linked up with the local resistance. The episode ends with the assassination of Sharon in very clear homage to the Ruby/Oswald incident all those years ago.

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