Doin' Alright


Where’s Brian?

Every so often, when you’re passing the time with friends or acquaintences a common topic of conversation is music. “Who’s your favourite band or singer?” someone will inevitably ask, to which I always reply “Queen“. It’s a knee-jerk reaction that takes little to no thought on my behalf, and is usually followed by self-doubt and the subsequent listing off of another dozen or so acts until I’m satisfied that all bases are covered. If truth be told, I don’t listen to Queen very much these days, possibly on the principle of less-is-more though more likely because there is so much other stuff I haven’t listened to half as much (e.g. my iTunes informs me I have listened to the Arctic Monkeys over 10 times in the three weeks, and that excludes all the airtime in my car on CD). However, every now and again I am reminded about the reason why “Queen” is my stock answer, and tonight’s showing of The Story Of Bohemian Rhapsody on BBC3 was one such time. Brian and Roger were taken back to the studio where it was recorded to reminisce, the world and his wife appeared as talking heads to heap praise upon the band, and the music just took me away. Marvellous stuff.

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