Not In My House


Third Finger From The Left.

How long has ER been running now?  I’d have guessed 7, may be 8 years, but in fact the 12th season is now doing its C4, E4, More4 rounds.   I’d like to say that it’s come a long way since the days of Dr Greene and George Clooney, but it hasn’t, it’s doing all the same things (albeit without the same cast) and it’s doing them really, really well.  I guess 12 series proves its worth.  It’s award winning days are in all likelihood are behind it now, the baton has been recently passed in no uncertain terms to Gregory House, but don’t let that dissuade you because it’s still capable of greatness.  The Romano character/storyline of a few year’s back it still one of the classics of this or (m)any other show…. A reviled figure in the mould of David Brent before David Brent had been thought of, unrequited love, a limb severed by a stray helicopter blade, some kind of redemption, and then an untimely (and largely unnoticed) death at the hands of another helicopter.  Whether this crop, headed by the miserable Kovak, is capable of more waits to be seen although the addition of Kristen Johnston seems to be promising.  All things said… genius!

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