Desperation Sets In

Desperate Housewives

Cheers for the memories

Desperate Housewives is already established as one of the shows of the decade.  An intriguing tapestry of various plotlines ranging from the strictly domestic to the positively twisted, and all sprinkled with wit, joie de vie and (saccharine, American) wisdom.  It is simply great fun to watch.  It’s as glossy as any programme you care to mention and, while it doesn’t sit too comfortably with sometimes unsettling undertones on display, I guess this adds to the concept that surface appearences can sometimes hide dark secrets.  The performances of the leading quartet are what promotes this into the upper echelons of modern comedy dramas; each character is perfectly formed, given equal weighting, and mesmerises when on screen.  You care about them and empathise with them, even if you can’t entirely agree with them.  I just hope that series two doesn’t try too hard to top what has gone before.

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