Small Town Blues

Smallville 2

Lana Lang looks on longingly

Smallville has returned to our screens for a fifth and, if rumours are to be believed, a final time. There is something timeless about the Superman story and this series has managed to update it and keep the spirit alive by focussing on Clarke before he donned the tights. While for the most part, the show remains quite watchable, there is a real variation in episode quality…. sometimes there are big revelations, plenty of action and strong character arcs being developed, which create a highly watchable, popular drama. However, it suffers from a curse found in your common or garden soap opera and that is that after all the big “event” storylines everything returns to the status quo as if nothing had happened. The character development just gets reset to zero and off we go again.

If that wasn’t bad enough we then have to go through the interminable relationship between Clarke and Lana, the underlying problem being that Clarke has all these secrets issues and he won’t tell her about them. I struggle to see Clarke’s motivation (plenty of other family and friends have kept the secret without too much trouble) and I struggle to see why Lana puts up with it. As a storyline this would work quite well for half a season or so, but we’ve been putting up with it for three years (!) and as a result it’s often been quite indistinguishable from Dawson’s Creek. Things seem to be moving on now, though, with the creation of the fortress of solitude, Clarke’s flying powers, and Clarke and Lana’s relationship finally moving on. It won’t last.

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