They're Coming… Slowly At First


Evening All!

Another week another new US show trying to be clever. This time it’s the turn of Invasion to try and woo the audience. The premise here is that a small Florida town has been isolated by a mysterious hurricane, people start behaving oddly (especially around water), and… that’s about it. People drive around, chat, kids go missing and are found again, and I’m not really sure that I know, or if the production team know, where this is going. The title is “Invasion”, which kind of gives the game away but I’m not quite sure if the end will justify the means. The characters also bug me. There’s a guy (overweight, unemployed, and a little geeky) who is convinced that there are aliens invading: his reasoning is never really explained and to be honest no-one (and count me in to this demographic) seems to care.

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