When Larry Met Ricky

Ricky Gervais Meets...

Sofa Talk

I caught this documentary the other week, called “Ricky Gervais meets…” and the subject of the meeting was the elusive Larry David. The only thing that dissappointed me was that no further interviews appear to be forthcoming, so I’ll have to survive on the Guardian Unlimited Podcast for now. This was a great interview in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere between two people who clearly admired each other’s work. Surprisingly, it didn’t come across as a big love-in between them but a fascinating insight into how to make a successfull sitcom while being true to yourself. The pleasing aspect to it was there wasn’t the forced nicities of a studio bound Parky-type chat, we just got two people on a couch in an office talking. Is there nothing Ricky Gervais can’t do?

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