Not The Smoothest Drive


Why Am I Here?

Red Dwarf is slowly transforming from a “funny-in-parts” sitcom to a “do-you-remember-the-one…?” classic. So, the BBC has gone back to the drawing board and tried to develop a new sci-fi sitcom for the 21st century. Comparissons to RD are almost inevitable and I make no apology for doing just that, now that Hyperdrive has made its debut. Nick Frost plays Nick Frost (or someone) and is exactly as you remember him from Spaced. I wanted to enjoy this, I wanted a characters like the Cat and Kryten, I wanted a script that engaged me, and I wanted to see more than the meerest flicker of creativity. But I didn’t. It was, in the words of Elle McPherson, just a little blah! The highlight was the very special effects and overall production values, which strongly suggest that there was a lot of belief behind the project, but they should have spent more time writing the script. There’s too many series links on the Sky+Planner for me to pay this one much attention, but I may check in later in the series to see if things have picked up. Finger’s crossed.

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