30 Seasons

The inimitable Boris presides

It takes something quite special to run for 30 seasons…. count ’em, 30: I couldn’t quite believe it either. It’s not so much the cutting edge satire and the laughing at political faux pas that makes “Have I Got News For You” so watchable, rather it is the comfortable predictability of it. The cycling through of presenters, since Angus Deaton’s ignaminious departure, has only highlighted the scripting of the gags rather than having them seem somewhat spontaneous. This may be why Boris Johnson’s glorious turns in the central chair are becoming such a highlight. His bumbling, foppish personality are hardly suited to the TV studio, and some may argue that they are not that suited to the political world either but that is not for me to comment here. Lambasted by the opposite ends of the “man-of-the-people-spectrum” that are Ian Hislop and Paul Merton, Boris becomes the butt of the jokes and yet maintains dignity. Great viewing.

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