Six Of The Best

Who Are You?

This was not the start I had imagined. First off, it lasted only six minutes. Second, it was six weeks early. Thirdly, it shouldn’t have worked this well. Really. We left the story back in June as the ninth Doctor said his, oh so beautiful, goodbyes to Rose and quietly “exploded” in a fountain of fire. Doctor #10 found his new teeth wierd and started thinking about Barcelona (the planet, not the city). We were all set for the long countdown to The Christmas Invasion. Then like a bolt from the vortex, we heard that a three and a half minute segment was to be shown on Children in Need. Oh God, not singing Bohemian Rhapsody or appearing in the Queen Vic, we wondered? … “No.” It was going to be a proper scene, set between Parting of the Ways and The Christmas Invasion. We remember the Curse Of Fatal Death, we remember that travesty set in Albert Square, we did not want this, did we?

Actually, we did. RTD and the production team hadn’t let us down before and they wouldn’t this time either. After a recap of TPOTW, we saw David Tennant’s name in the titles and knew it was going to be okay. We got comedy (“Love the Mole!”), we got drama (“Who are you?”), we got sensitivity (“The first word I said to you”), we got action (“Open those engines!”), and we got a cliffhanger (“Christmas Eve”). All in six minutes. RTD is a genius. David Tennant IS the Doctor. Rollon Christmas Day.

    • tarashnat
    • February 22nd, 2006

    This definately beats the pants off DiT (Dimensions in Time). And to think, we would not have had this gem if one of the other executive producers didn’t ask RTD “What happened before The Christmas Invasion?” There was no cheese in this scene. This was the equivalent of a ‘DVD extra deleted scene’, and what a scene. Within those short six minuted, David Tennant displays more range than most actors do in six series.

    Curse of the Fatal Death was fun, but the Pudsey Cutaway was even more fun… without even trying!


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