Lost in Transition

Michael doesn’t row his boat off-shore (geddit?)

When Lost started I loved it. Then it got better. Now, it keeps on getting better and the supply of superlatives is running low for ABC’s flagship export. I just wish that Channel 4 had started showing the thing earlier (season two is well underway, Stateside) or that the Region 2 DVD was available (I know that strictly speaking it is, but it needs to be more sensibly priced and include a whole season). Anyway, back on the island Michael has seen his raft burnt to a cinder, not by Jin as first suspected, or by the Others as (the magnificent) Locke misled, but by Michael’s son Walt who likes it there. The ability to weave an unfolding narrative between the complex inter-relationships of the 14 main characters is a wonder to behold. Each mystery that gets unveiled reveals further puzzles beneath. Can’t take my eyes off this one…. and this week’s episode is a doozy by all accounts.

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