All in a Broth

Hard at work in the department store.

David Renwick’s new comedy drama series has been quietly ticking along on BBC1 over recent weeks. There are a few “One Foot…” comparissons to be made but this programme is far more mature and the characters just as quirky. What is a surprise is the fact that there have been two completely indepenant story-lines running side-by-side. One features Tamsin Grieg portraying that understated melancholy for which she is becomming increasingly renowned, as a put-upon worker in a department store perfumery (how they stand the smell is beyind me!). The other features Jimmy Olsen as a put-upon writer of the eponymous sitcom “Love Soup”. While this raises questions about how their paths will eventually cross, the Other Viewer and I do not ponder for long as it is the quirky guest characters and tightly plotted storylines, where no comment or observation is misplaced, that fascinate. It’s a slow burn but worthwhile.

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