Lost Finds its Way

Jack and Kate find Charlie in big trouble.

Charlie and Claire were kidnapped by the mysterious Ethan, so, four of the unhappy campers set out on a rescue mission to find them. Classic TV formula. Add in some flashbacks to Jack’s past (again), and the continuing pressures of survival and you have all the ingredients in place for a high rated episode of the consistently brilliant Lost. Charlie had been laying a trail of sticking plasters for his rescue team to follow (clearly, a trick he learnt when kidnapped by Orcs and he dropped his elven broach for Aragorn to find). The benefit of spoiler avoidance on my part paid off too, when Jack and Kate caught up with Charlie to find him hanging from a tree. I genuinely thought he was a gonner. Solid performances all round and two good cliffhangers have meant the last two Lost episodes have really raised the bar. It’s a long time till next Wednesday.

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