Now That's What I Call Interesting

The wonderful Mr Fry presides.

A welcome return to the airwaves for the new series of QI on Friday night. This time they’re tackling the letter C. For those unfamiliar with the concept, it’s startlingly simple. The host asks some wierd questions and the panel try to find something interesting to say about it. It feels for all the world like one of those legendary Radio4 shows (and for all I know, it used to be just that). However, it walks a fine line. The panelists are usually comedians of some description or other, and it tends to have the feeling of an old boy’s club. The risk is that it descends into a comedy vehicle rather than people genuinely trying to be amusing and interesting, a skill that many of us would wish for. With Stephen Fry at the helm, though, the risk is minimised because the man is a genius with a rapier sharp wit and vast wealth of knowledge: worth tuning in for him alone. Also, can’t wait until he pens episode 11 of next year’s Doctor Who.

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