21st Century Videprinter

The panel discuss the 4-5-1… again

Saturday afternoons are, however much you try to swim against the tide, still all about football. Sky Sports created an unusual approach to keeping an eye on the afternoon matches in the form of the Gillette Soccer Saturday show. Basically, the format is as follows…. four washed up ex-players are gathered behind a desk to watch various matches live, long before viewers get a look in. Jeff Stelling manfully tries to keep control, Frank McLintock failes to (a) watch Arsenal impartially, or (b) pronounce the Arsenal players names correctly, and Chris Kamara is sent to far flung places ‘cos they can’t stand having him in the studio. Then they all talk in excrutiating detail about football. Now, I thought football lasted 90 minutes, give or take, so how come this show lasts for 6 hours?! The problem you see is this… I should be doing some DIY or something constructive round the house on a Saturday afternoon, not watching TV, but these guys and their ill-fitting suits keep me glued, I know not why.

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