Speaking Confidentially

Russell T Davies explains time-travel.

Managed to catch a re-run of Doctor Who on BBC3 last night, followed by the Doctor Who Confidential (Cut-Down) episode that followed. The episode was Father’s Day in which the Doctor makes the strange decision (well, he is alien!) to take Rose back to see her father being run down by a car. For me, this revival has been the highlight of this, and may be many other, year’s output from the BBC and I’m sure I’ll spend more time talking about it soon. The Confidential show that follows each episode really shows what care and attention goes into production, and how much fun they all seem to have. Also a big crowd pleaser for the Beeb’s third channel. Last night, RTD made an interesting point about time-travel storylines in sci-fi. They all seem to have had a go, all the way back from from the City on The Edge of Forever back in the days of original Star Trek and through pretty much every TV show in the genre. The good Doctor, however, never seemed to feel the need to explore this until Father’s Day (some hardcore fan is sure to prove me wrong on this), and that’s where the episode seemed to stumble a little – it was a bit too sci-fi, given the story it was trying to tell.

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