Hugh in the House

Hugh Lawrie puts his feet up during an episode of House on Channel 5.

I’ve got a backlog of episodes of House clogging up my Sky planner at the moment. I kind of feel obliged to watch them because of the “one-of-us-doing-rather-well-over-there” syndrome, but there’s no denying it’s actually a rather good show. Hugh puts on, what I am assured is a very convincing American acent as he hobbles his way around an extraordinarily dull looking hospital set. Baffling medical speak hits you in waves as case after case of patients with problems varying in degree of sevirity from “really rare” to “really, really rare” get paraded before him. However, if you can overlook the Midsummer Murders Syndrome, it’s quite compelling viewing. It’s well acted and well written, and while it hasn’t got the edge of your seat excitement of ER, it does keep your interest throughout as the diagnoses develops and some good character development gets chucked in for good measure. The trouble is there’s always been something else I’d rather watch and I can’t shake the feeling that it’s same-y from week to week, which has led to my Sky Planner problem… to delete or not delete, that is the question.

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